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Route 450


Join your neighbors as we work to raise awareness of significant and constant flooding on Maryland Route 450.

For the past 5 years, community groups along Route 450 between Crofton and Parole have communicated with MDOT/SHA about worsening flooding along and across the roadway between Huntwood Drive and Rutland Road.

The SHA, while sympathetic, informed us the “fix” was expensive and fraught with environmental issues.  Up until now, there was no funding and no County or State priority to seriously address the issues. 2017 and 2018 were tipping points, with SHA closing the road over 60 times between late 2017 and the end of 2018.  Just this year, SHA has closed the road a dozen times due to flooding.

In early 2019, Senator Ed Reilly (District 33) agreed to meet with a group of concerned citizens and Homeowners Associations to discuss possible solutions.  Additional attendees included representatives of MDOT/SHA, AAPD, AVFD, Crofton Civic Association, Greater Crofton Council, and a representative for Councilwoman Jessica Haire (District 7).

Since that meeting, Senator Reilly and Delegates Malone, Saab and Bagnall have actively engaged MDOT/SHA, County Executive Steuart Pittman and the Crofton/Gambrills community to establish short term and longer term priorities to address the flooding and frequent closures. 

Join us in adding your voices to elevate this issue as a significant public safety issue. Show your concern and frustration by contacting our representatives and MDOT/SHA and ask them to move expeditiously to “FIX 450.”






County Executive Steuart Pittman





5-February, 2019

  • Huntington Woods Neighborhood coordinated meeting with:

    • Senator Ed Reilly, Joyce Maloney

    • Corren Johnson – District Engineer MD State Hwy Assoc (SHA)

    • Capt. Dan Rodriguez – AA Police Dept

    • Kristy Gomez – Copper Ridge Neighborhood

    • Mary McClurg – Hallmark Woods

    • Torrey Jacbosen – Crofton Civic Assoc

    • Chief Ayers – AVFD Fire, EMT departments

    • Curtis Patterson – Lavall Neighborhood

    • Jason Ridgway – Steuart Pittman’s office

    • Matthew Pipkin – Jessica Haire’s office

    • Laura Ridler – Director SHA Hwy Development

    • Karen Fiasco – District 5 Coodinator

    • Discussion on how to address RT450 flooding issue and plan follow-up meeting to discuss the specifics of the flooding and how SHA will address.

12-March, 2019

  • Jessica Haire – 7th District Councilwoman sends letter to Ramond Robinson – Department of Transportation – lobbying his office to raise awareness of the RT450 flooding issues with County Executive Steuart Pittman to ensure it is on his annual roads priority list for SHA.

13-March, 2019

  • Huntington Woods attended the monthly Maryland Transportation Commission meeting to present the RT450 flooding issue and ask that it be on the CTP projects list for 2019.

    • Linda Miller presented our RT450 flooding summary of issues and requested to be on the CTP 2019 project list

26-March, 2019

  • Delegate Michael Malone sends letter to Kimberly Tran – District 5 Deputy District Engineer – as a follow-up to our neighborhood meeting on 5-Feb, 2019 to reiterate the RT450 flooding issues and requesting a status on the State’s plan to address the problem.


13-May, 2019

  • MDOT SHA MD 450 team meeting with Copper Ridge and Huntington Woods neighborhoods, along with Senator Ed Reilly, Delegate Michael Malone and Jessica Haire to review specific flooding areas and get feedback from residents affected by the RT450 flooding.

    • Identified 3 specific flooding areas:  

      • Main flooding area at the bend in the road between Huntwood Drive and Pebblebrook

      • Flooding at Huntwood Drive

      • Flooding between Pebblebrook and St. Stephens Church

    • We requested that SHA institute an initiative to get culverts cleared from Hallmark to St. Stephens Church Rd.

    • Senator Reilly was persistent in his discussions about the public safety issue with the flooding and asked Corrine SHA had a "contingency fund" that could be tapped into for additional funding to increase the current proposed $1M.

    • Corrine Johnson will send a summary of the meeting to Christie, along with the next meeting request



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